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Get Professional E-Mail Secure Your E-Mail With Bright Star Eg, Keep your confidential and personal messages private! POP3 {(Post Office Protocol 3) is the most recent version of a standard protocol for receiving e-mail.This standard protocol is built into most popular e-mail products, such as Eudora and Outlook Express. It's also built into the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.POP3 is designed to delete mail on the server as soon as the user has downloaded it. However, some implementations allow users or an administrator to specify that mail be saved for some period of time. POP can be thought of as a "store-and-forward" service.}.

 WebMail services, with 2 Programs PHP-based Web email client



Horde Web Email


Global Options

Your Information

Personal Information
Change the name and address that people see when they read and reply to your emails.

Locale and Time
Set your preferred language, timezone and date options.

Categories and Labels
Manage the list of categories you have to label items with, and colors associated with those categories. Other Information

Display Options
Set your startup application, color scheme, page refreshing, and other display options.

Login Tasks
Customize tasks to run upon logon to Horde.

Remote Servers
Set up remote servers that you want to access from your portal.

Alternate IMSP Login
Use if name/password is different for IMSP server.

Rich Text Editor Options
Which plugins to enable for the Rich Text editor.

The Portal Page

This portal page provides a quick summary of all your important information.

For example, it might show how many new e-mail messages you have in your INBOX, upcoming events on your calendar, tasks on your to-do list, headlines from selected news services, and so on. Many of these summaries will contain quick shortcuts to common functions, such as composing a new mail message, creating a new calendar event or task, etc.

The contents of this portal page are customizable via the Layout button.

For example, you can choose which items to include on this portal page as well as in which order they are shown.

The Application Navigation Bar

At the left hand side of the web page is the application navigation bar. Click on the icons on this navigation bar to quickly and easily switch between the available applications.

Options for Mailbox

Message Composition: Actions
Message Composition: From
Message Composition: To
Message Composition: Cc
Message Composition: Bcc
Message Composition: Subject
Message Composition: Options
Message Composition: Attach
Message Composition: Attachments
Message Composition: Priority
Message Composition: Save Attachments
Message Composition: Link Attachments
Message Search
Folder Navigator: Actions
Folder Navigator: Display
Filters: Apply
Filters: Edit Filter Rules
Filters: Edit Blacklist
Filters: Edit Whitelist
Filters: Filter on Login
Filters: Filter on Refresh
Filters: Filter any Mailbox
PGP: Attach Public Key
PGP: Scan Text Bodies
Compose: Encryption Options
PGP: Overview
PGP: Options - Attach Public Key
PGP: Manage Public Keys
PGP: Manage Public Keys - Import
PGP: Manage Personal Keys
PGP: Manage Personal Keys - Public Key
PGP: Manage Personal Keys - Private Key
PGP: Manage Personal Keys - Delete
PGP: Create Personal Key - Name
PGP: Create Personal Key - Comment
PGP: Create Personal Key - E-mail Address
PGP: Create Personal Key - Keylength
PGP: Create Personal Key - Passphrase
PGP: Create Personal Key - Actions
S/MIME: Overview
S/MIME: Personal Keys
S/MIME: Import Personal Certificates
S/MIME: Delete Personal Certificates
S/MIME: Manage Public Keys
Sorting and Threading
Multipart/Alternative Messages
Preferences: Maintenance: Rename Sent-mail Folder Monthly
Preferences: Maintenance: Delete Sent-mail Folder Monthly
Preferences: Maintenance: Delete Sent-mail Folder Monthly - # of Folders to Keep
Preferences: Maintenance: Delete Linked Attachments Monthly
Preferences: Maintenance: Delete Linked Attachments Monthly - # of Months to Keep
Preferences: Maintenance: Purge Trash
Preferences: Maintenance: Purge Trash Interval
Preferences: Maintenance: Purge Trash Keep
Preferences: Message Composition: Attribution Text
Preferences: Default Message Character Set
Preferences: Request Read Receipts
Preferences: Send MDN
Preferences: Request Delivery Confirmation
Preferences: Delete Spam After Reporting
Preferences: HTML Image Replacement
Preferences: HTML Image Replacement/Addressbook Show
Preferences: Mailbox Start Page
Preferences: Save Attachments on Sent Messages
Virtual Folders: Virtual Inbox
Virtual Folders: Virtual Trash

Options for Calendar

Display Options

User Interface
Select confirmation options, how to display the different views and choose default view.

Portal Options
Select which events to show in the portal.

Do you want to show tasks which are due on your calendar? Calendars

Default Calendar
Choose your default calendar.

Remote Calendars
Manage remote calendars.

Address Books
Select address book sources for searching for addresses.

Options for Address Book

Display Options

Column Options
Select which fields to display in the address lists.

Default Display
Select view to display by default.

Name Format
Select which format to display names.

Searching Options
Choose a default directory for your personal addressbook, contact lists, and searches. Other Options

Delete Confirmation
Delete button behaviour


Options for News

Your Content

Choose which news channels you are subscribed to. Other Options

Display Options
Change your content display options.


Options for Notes

Other Options

Display Options
Change your note sorting and display options.

Default Notepad
Choose your default Notepad.


Options for Tasks

General Options

Display Options
Change your task sorting and display options. Task List and Share Options

Default Task List
Choose your default task list.


Options for Filters

Blacklist: Action
Blacklist: Addresses
Rules: Filter Rules
Forward: Addresses
Forward: Keep Copy
Preference: Show detailed filter status messages?
Preference: Filter only [un]seen messages?
Filter Rule
Filter Rule: Action
Filter Rule: Combine Options
Filter Rule: Mark Message
Filter Rule: Matches
Filter Rule: Name
Filter Rule: Stop Checking
Vacation: No Respond to Bulk
Vacation: Reply Interval
Vacation: My Email Addresses
Vacation: No Responses
Vacation: Vacation Reason
Vacation: Vacation Subject
Whitelist: Addresses

Squirrel Web Email

Access your Email from anywhere!
With this easy-to-use yet powerful web based email frontend.

Squirrel Mail is the fast and easy way to access and control your email from any Web browser, anywhere.
With Squirrel Mail you can access any existing POP account on your virtual server with the username and password of this POP over the web, without the
need to download the messages. We believe, it's a great feature if you would like to check your mail on any other computer. When you are back at
home/office, you can download the same emails with your favorite mail reader (Eudora, Outlook, Netscape etc.) as usual.
SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.



Email Support

How to install (reg) file to your Outlook.

Internet Support

Email Support

How to install (reg) file to your Outlook.